Social Responsibility Policy

Purpose & Rationale: (why we have this policy & its aims)

Eyecon is committed to advocating responsible gaming as a policy of social responsibility and customer care. We are concerned that players enjoy a wagering experience with our games, whilst remaining fully aware of the social and financial risks associated with gambling.

Policy Statement:

Gambling should be treated as an entertaining activity, and not as a means to generate income. The vast majority of people treat gambling as a fun, manageable hobby, and therefore only spend what they can afford to lose. However, some find gambling somewhat more difficult to handle. As there are some risks associated with gambling, we recommend people to consider the following guidelines:

Players Maintain Personal Control

• Gambling should be enjoyed in moderation and observed as an entertaining activity
• Gambling should not be thought of as a way to make money
• Never chase losses
• Always gamble with money that you can afford to lose
• Keep track of the time whilst playing and set a time limit
• Keep track of the money you spend on gambling and set a limit
• If you feel you need to take a break from gambling, use the self-exclusion facility available in your account settings

If you are concerned that gambling may be having a negative impact on your life and your interpersonal relationships then the following questions may be helpful.
1. Does gambling prevent you from everyday activities such as attending work or other commitments?
2. Do you gamble alone for long periods of time?
3. Have you ever been criticized because of your gambling habits?
4. Have you lost interest in social activities such as family, friends, or hobbies due to gambling?
5. Have you ever tried to disguise the amount of money or time you have spent on gambling?
6. Have you ever stolen or borrowed money to maintain your betting activities?
7. Do you gamble until you have no money left?
8. Do you ever feel the urge to win back the money you previously lost as soon as possible?
9. Is gambling an escape from arguments, frustrations, or disappointments?
10. Have you ever run out of money and afterwards felt a sense of despair, and a need to gamble again as soon as possible?
11. Does gambling make you depressed or even suicidal?

The more questions that are answered ‘yes’, the higher the chance of a gambling problem. The first step in taking action on a problem is recognizing and accepting it exists. Identifying that a problem exists is a challenge and responsibility shared by the individual involved as well as their friends, family, colleagues and the gambling industry. Confronting and ultimately resolving this problem is best handled by people who can offer appropriate advice and support. Examples of organizations and services that can offer confidential help are detailed below:

Gambling Counselling Organizations and Services

• Gam Care is the leading provider of information, advice, support, and free counselling for the prevention and treatment of gambling problems. Visit or contact their confidential helpline listed on their website.
• Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is a society of men and women who have joined together to confront their gambling issues as well as assist other fellow compulsive gamblers. There are regional GA fellowships around the world. GA’s international website for more information
• Gambling Therapy provides support and counselling for anyone adversely affected by gambling. Members of the Gambling Therapy team operate from locations all around the world. For more information please go to
• Counsellors, therapists and psychologists skilled in addiction

• Please refer to the UK list above as the majority of players are UK based

Underage Gambling
It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to open an account or to gamble. It is the responsibility of our customers / operators to carry age verification checks on all players who use payment methods available, to those under the age of 18, and we perform random age verification checks on customers using other forms of funding methods.
Filtering solutions allow parents to regulate access to the internet based on specific criteria. Parents can set up filters to prevent their children from accessing gambling websites. If computers are shared with anyone under the legal age of gambling or have requested self-exclusion from gambling sites, parental filtering solutions such as those listed below should be considered:
• Net Nanny™ –
• CyberPatrol –

Customers / Operators

We aim to conduct business with responsible companies that demonstrate social responsibility in their business practices and policies, including:
• age verification checks
• use of behavioral tracking tools
• engage in socially responsible marketing and advertising and in accordance with industry codes of practice
• enable the setting of betting limits
• provide self-exclusion agreements and procedures
• Transparency in the games offered (such as display of rules, the probability of winning and prize structures) and conditions of playing such as voiding of bets, treatment of errors, limits etc.